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Alterna Hair Products
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Alterna Products
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Alterna Hair Products: Absolutely #1: When you want only the best for your hair.

Alterna has set the industry standard for the finest hair care products by developing Alterna enzymetherapy.

Enzymes provide the stimulus for every chemical reaction that occurs in the body. The assimilation of essential ingredients in the hair is no exception. As we age, our enzyme count decreases, allowing us to absorb fewer nutrients into the scalp and hair. This is why our hair begins to lose its luster and shine. For this reason, it is crucial that we supplement the hair not only with essential building blocks it needs, but also with the enzymes (the catalyst) required to help break these components down into a useable form.

The enzymetherapy complex used in Alterna's products is the first complex to incorporate both the essential building blocks and the specific enzymes required to help the hair maintain a strong, healthy, youthful appearance. For the first time, hair can absorb an advanced level of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and proteins.


As we age, our hair loses vital nutrients, becoming  dull and brittle.

One of the most important nutrients lost from the hair is the omega-3 fatty acid. The richest source of omega-3 was discovered in CAVIAR.

The Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging approach is known to provide significant levels of this life-sustaining nutrient, and is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Caviar Anti-Aging secret also has a cell format that is similar to human skin, which helps improve the health of the scalp. Using caviar extract in selected formulations, brings back that soft, healthy-looking luster while protecting your hair from the effects of aging.

Hemp seed oil is the plant kingdom's richest source of vital nutrients responsible for strong, healthy keratin formation. And not to be confused with its distant cousin, marijuana, hemp is drug-free.

When delivered to the hair with enzymetherapy complex, hemp seed oil's concentration of essential fatty acids is in a perfect 3:1 ratio the ratio already found in our hair and scalp and the ratio which our body can most readily absorb. When used on a regular basis,  hemp-based products make a dramatic difference in the look, feel and behavior of any hair type.

 Life   LIFE
A l t e r n a' s new, total well being hair care line, LIFE, combines the latest advances in Western technology with age-old eastern wisdom. The life systems are just that. That is to say the work better when used for longer periods of time. The longer you use them the better they work. Fight Hair loss and Increasing volume don't just happen with one treatment or within one magic moment. So when you know it's going to take a life style change to improve the Life system is waiting for you.

Luxury Alterna 10 Shampoo & conditioner combines  enzymetherapy with rare ingredients. When you want only the best of the best for your hair!

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