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Alterna 10         

Alterna 10
Alterna brings you the Science of Ten: the perfect combination of Ten key ingredients from around the globe to transform your hair from ordinary to Extraordinary!

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  This is Alterna 10

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Alterna 10 X Shampoo
Alterna 10 Shampoo

 Alterna 10 X Shampoo :
Experience The Science of TEN Shampoo, a sulfate free cleanser, rebalances and nourishes all hair types for customized results. TEN Conditioner replenishes and hydrates all hair types for optimal results.

    8.5oz - $  59.95     66.00
  33.8oz - $135.95   150.00

TEN Shampoo

Alterna 10 X Conditioner

 Alterna 10 X Conditioner :
TEN Conditioner replenishes and hydrates all hair types for optimal results. TEN Akin Therapy SPF *, an ultra rich creamy moisturozerm regenerates the skin, improving cellular strength, and infusing the skin with unparalleled moisture.

    6.7oz - $  59.95     66.00
  33.8oz - $144.95   160.00

TEN Conditoner


Alterna 10 X Hair Masque

Alterna 10 X Hair Masquer :
TEN Hair Masque:   This Concentrated treatment penetrates quickly to renew and repair all hair types for unprecedented results.Alterna's Thermal Hair Wrap

1- Apply to freshly shampooed,  towel dried hair & massage through the hair. Using a wide tooth comb, comb product through the ends of the hair for even distribution and leave on for 3 - 5 minutes, then rinse well.
2-For more intensive results, wrap hair using a worm, moist towel (if available, Alterna's Thermal Heat Wrap Directionsuse Alterna's Thermal Hair Wrap) for 5 -10 minutes before rinsing.

    5.1oz - $  49.95     55.00

Alterna 10x - Hai­r_ Masque - Alterna 10x_Hair_Mask - Hair Mask

 Alterna 10 X Skin Therapy

 Alterna 10 X Skin Therapy:
TEN Skin Therapy SPF 8, an ultra rich creamy moisturizer, regenerates the skin, improving cellular strength, and infusing the skin with unparallel moisture.

    6.7oz - $  34.95     38.50

TEN Skin Therapy

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Alterna 10

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